4 Ways Scripture Music Can Deliver Our Children From Nightmares | FamilyLife®

4 Methods Scripture Music Can Ship Our Kids From Nightmares | FamilyLife®

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My husband and I had tucked our son into mattress hours in the past. We sat with household and pals within the adjoining room, visiting over Thanksgiving leftovers and pie. Then his scream pierced by way of our dialog.

Instantly, I ran to our 2-year-old. I discovered him standing in his crib, eyes closed, and physique trembling. Scooping him into my arms, I held him tight, keen the pressure of my embrace to stifle his fears. Inside moments I might inform he was nonetheless trapped in his sleepy world, a terror shaking him from sound relaxation. Then a pricey household pal drew close to. Inserting her hand on my son’s shoulder, she started to wish over him, inviting God’s peace to clean over and crowd out concern.

This was solely the start of my son’s night time terrors. Over the following two years, this scene would repeat itself, speeding us to his bedside within the midnight hours.

But with time and three extra youngsters, I got here to acknowledge a sample of their growth. Once I held my new child infants, their eyes might solely seize my face—nothing greater than 12 inches away. I witnessed their eyesight growing over these first months, and with it, their notion of the world.

Equally, as their imaginations grew, I noticed gaps of understanding throughout their first few years. These holes shortly full of fearful prospects, and nightmares ensued. What God had given them for good—their creativity and creativeness—Devil wished to twist and make the most of to carry concern. As an grownup and mom, I expertise this on a unique stage, as what if situations open a pit eagerly ready to fill with anxious outcomes.

What I found is these fissures of understanding are bent on filling. Both they are going to swell with fears planted by Devil, or they are going to brim over with the hope, assurance, and indescribable peace of Christ. Whereas the satan desires to carry the darkness of concern and nervousness, God’s gentle presents understanding and peace.

Early in my parenting journey, with my son’s nightmares punctuating our nights, I knew we would have liked to cover the residing and lively Phrase of God in his coronary heart.

4 methods Scripture music can ship our kids from nightmares

This, too, was the answer Jay Stocker, founder and composer of Scripture Lullabies, arrived at. Rising up beneath the burden of recurring nightmares, Jay held to the instructing of his dad and mom to memorize God’s Phrase. This led Jay to create lullabies impressed by God’s Phrase for kids and adults coping with nightmares or nervousness. Solely God’s fact has the ability to carry darkness to gentle and conquer fears.

1. God’s Phrase shines gentle and exposes each lie.

By way of Jesus, we might be introduced out of the area of darkness and into His wonderful gentle! Calling upon Him as Savior, we’re safe in His salvation. I discover assurance of this fact in Colossians 1:13, “He has delivered us from the area of darkness and transferred us to the dominion of his beloved Son.”

However I nonetheless encounter many darkish fears—whether or not based mostly on “what if…” situations or precise actuality. It’s simple to really feel helpless as I watch my youngsters battling their very own anxieties. But God’s work of shining gentle into darkness is ongoing in our lives. Daily, as we disguise His Phrase within the hearts of our kids, darkness is stripped away. The sunshine of His Phrase illuminates each shadow of doubt and washes out every nervousness.

2. God’s Phrase leaves no room for the schemes of the satan.

The place God’s Phrase is spoken or sung aloud, Devil should depart. Hebrews 4:12 assures me, “For the phrase of God resides and lively, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the ideas and intentions of the center.”

I’ve found God’s Phrase to be totally able to dissecting and discerning the anxious ideas in my thoughts. His fact brings sound assurance and peace to the anxieties my youngsters discover troublesome to call. As the guarantees of Scripture sing over them, fears haven’t any footing.

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3. God’s Phrase assures our kids of His steadfast guarantees.

Many instances, my youngsters’s fears are the product of unanswered questions and uncertainty. Listening to the guarantees of God, they uncover deep and abiding solutions from His Phrase. “I Am Watching Over You” from “Hidden In My Coronary heart, Quantity IV” delivers the highly effective promise of God’s steadfast presence by way of the night time, impressed by Psalm 3:5: “I lay down and slept; woke once more, for the LORD sustained me.”

I’m watching over you,

Ever watching over you,

With you thru the night time,

And by the sunshine of day.

I’m watching over you,

Ever watching over you,

By no means will I sleep,

You’re Mine to maintain at all times.

4. God’s Phrase helps our kids suppose on all that’s pretty and true.

Scripture music works by first hunting down fearful ideas, then planting the reality of God’s Phrase. It supplies a information for my youngsters to take each thought captive and comply with the directions of Philippians 4:8. My youngsters can follow this behavior of thought as they hearken to “Suppose On These Issues,” with its lyrics lifted straight from Scripture:

 No matter is true, no matter is noble,

Suppose on these items,

No matter is simply, no matter is pure,

Suppose on these items.

On the night of my son’s first night time terror, I had little thought what lay forward of us. Nonetheless, like many “firsts” in parenting, I knew God’s Phrase would lead us ahead. Like King David in Psalm 119:11, as we practiced hiding God’s Phrase in our hearts, the reality of Scripture overpowered my son’s fears and delivered him into the highly effective peace of God.

For nighttime peace, stream the “No Extra Nightmares with Scripture Lullabies” playlist on Spotify.

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Eryn Lynum is a mom of 4, writer with Bethany Home and Guideposts, and content material creator for Scripture Lullabies, an organization creating powerfully peaceable music for each age. Scripture Lullabies was based in 2009 by composer Jay Stocker and his spouse, Trina. This powerfully peaceable music is streamed over eight million instances every month, altering the environment in tons of of hundreds of houses with the story of God’s Phrase advised by way of breathtaking music.


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