Star Wars: Visions, broken down by Stars, Wars, and Visions

Star Wars: Visions, damaged down by Stars, Wars, and Visions

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We take our animated anthology titles very actually right here at Polygon. Within the grand custom of our Love, Loss of life, & Robots evaluation items that break down Netflix’s animated anthology sequence by the quantity of affection, loss of life, and robots each accommodates, we’re getting down to break down Disney Plus’ Star Wars anime anthology Star Wars: Visions by contemplating what number of stars, wars, and visions they include.

What does this imply? Stars and wars are fairly self-explanatory, however in terms of visions, I’ll be on the lookout for what’s modern about every of the 9 shorts within the unique Star Wars: Visions lineup, and contemplating how each makes use of animation to discover the huge galaxy of the Star Wars universe. Seven totally different studios participated in making Star Wars: Visions’ 9 episodes, and every quick tells a totally totally different story, which implies the potential for innovation is excessive.

“The Duel”

Lucasfilm Ltd.

A mysterious wandering stranger steps as much as defend a village besieged by ragged bandits. In taking them on, he reveals a shocking fact concerning the nature of his previous.

Stars: Not so much right here, surprisingly! It presumably takes place on a distant planet, nevertheless it might very nicely be a distant countryside village on Earth, particularly given how a lot inspiration it attracts from samurai films.

Wars: A Sith Lord invades the tiny village, resulting in a number of battles between her minions and the village’s protectors, and between her and the stranger. There are hints that that is a part of a better conflict — for example, the chief of the village is a toddler, and it’s closely implied that he inherited the place when his father was taken down in a earlier invasion.

Imaginative and prescient: This quick is rendered totally in black and white, save for the brilliant flashes of gunfire and lightsabers. The actual lightsaber weapons used are additionally super-cool. Moreover, this quick takes an uncommon third-party strategy to the morality of the Star Wars universe, one we haven’t actually seen within the live-action movies.

Does it work? Contemplating how black and white the morality of the Star Wars universe typically is (the Darkish Facet is evil; the Gentle Facet is nice), the palette right here emphasizes the plot twist towards the tip, which provides nuance to the acquainted dichotomy. The combat is sharp and beautiful, with the flashes of shade highlighting one of the best components of the motion.

“Tatooine Rhapsody”

jay and the guitarist rocking out on stage in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A scrappy band with large desires should rally to save lots of certainly one of their beloved bandmates from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.

Stars: The band flies by way of house, touchdown on totally different planets! This one really options extra space journey than lots of the different shorts.

Wars: There is no such thing as a precise conflict happening, however the poor band can’t catch a break as a result of their Hutt guitarist has a bounty on his head. Each time they carry out, they’re rudely interrupted by keen bounty hunters trying to money within the prime prize from Jabba the Hutt. They’ve by no means been in a position to end a set!

Visions: That is the one quick to include present Star Wars characters, besides, it makes use of them in several methods than anticipated. The animation takes on a extra cartoon-inspired look, which speaks to the extra lighthearted tone. Certain, the guitarist has a bounty on his head, however they save the day with the facility of music!

Does it work? Why isn’t extra Star Wars like this? “Tatooine Rhapsody” is actually nearly a band that wishes to jam collectively, however can’t as a result of they’re caught up in Jabba the Hutt’s whims. The narrative facilities on discovered household and rock music, together with hints of tragic pasts that don’t drag down the story. It’s only a enjoyable time, and a unique facet of the Star Wars universe than the films or earlier TV sequence present. Loads of these shorts deal with the Jedi-Sith of all of it, however not “Tatooine Rhapsody.”

“The Twins”

ANM 012007

Lucasfilm Ltd.

A secret set of twins born into the Darkish Facet conflict on board an enormous Star Destroyer when one steals a robust weapon. Throughout their epic battle, they are going to make decisions that may without end alter their destinies.

Stars: The majority of the quick is an epic duel on the highest of a spaceship. There are sweeping pictures of stars and house across the two primary characters (the titular twins) as they battle it out.

Wars: Other than the battle that takes up most of this quick, the twins had been particularly created to convey order to the galaxy — by harnessing their Drive powers into an enormous loss of life laser, presumably designed to threaten planets into compliance, lest they meet the destiny of Alderaan. Not a conflict but, however clearly one was meant.

Visions: For these acquainted with Studio Set off’s Promare, quite a lot of this quick’s animation will appear very acquainted. Nonetheless, to the Star Wars world, the brilliant blocks of shade used to symbolize Drive powers — in addition to the protagonists’ billowing hair — are new and dramatically eye-catching. Having a battle on the skin of a spaceship (how does that work?!) can be simply bonkers enjoyable.

Does it work? When you like dramatic fights with cool powers and implausible physics (as soon as once more — hair billowing in house?), then that is the quick for you. Drive-connected twins is a typical Star Wars trope, however seeing it carried out on the Darkish Facet makes for a refreshing flip of occasions.

“The Village Bride”

the titular village bride looking contemplatively at the sunset in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A Jedi on the run is summoned by an outdated ally to watch the unusual and exquisite customs of a distant village on the eve of a marriage. The Jedi should make a alternative when she discovers their peace is threatened by an area warlord.

Stars: Other than the tip shot, the place somebody flies off into house, that is one other quick that might additionally simply be taking place in Earth’s countryside someplace.

Wars: The characters talk about a conflict that occurred up to now, leaving the small village to nonetheless really feel the ramifications. There’s a confrontation on the finish, however no direct invasion. Nonetheless, the scars of conflict proceed to have an effect on the village. One of many Jedi additionally has some flashbacks to this conflict.

Imaginative and prescient: It’s positively uncommon to see how extra of the widespread people have been affected by the Empire, and the way the Jedi defend them. The way in which the villagers join with their planet can be a unique means of seeing the Drive — the way in which individuals unfamiliar with Jedi knights and the Gentle and Darkish Sides would possibly view an influence that connects us all.

Does it work? This quick feels harking back to Hayao Miyazaki’s Fort within the Sky or Princess Mononoke — the individuals within the village are intimately tied to the character of the planet, and in a position to entry its recollections by way of rituals. Sadly, that idea is barely actually used to paint the start, and by the tip, this quick turns into an ordinary battle in opposition to a foul man. Nonetheless, the story of the village chief’s granddaughter selecting to present herself as much as the warlord in trade for the village’s security is compelling.

“The Ninth Jedi”

kara jets across a lake while holding a lightsaber in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

The daughter of a legendary lightsaber-smith is pursued by darkish forces as she travels throughout harsh terrain with a vital supply – newly crafted lightsabers meant for a rag-tag group of warriors claiming to be Jedi.

Stars: The opening sequence begins off with some pictures of the galaxy — which, sure, contains stars — although a lot of the motion takes place on a rocky planet.

Wars: A conflict has been happening within the background, with the Jedi being persecuted. Kara, the daughter of a lightsaber maker, narrowly escapes invaders who seize her father. She should combat her strategy to a temple to ship the lightsabers he’s made. In the meantime, on the temple, the group of Jedi deliberate about whether or not the grasp who has summoned them is to be trusted. There’s a conflict someplace, however we largely simply see its far-reaching ramifications. Additionally, there are some fairly epic last battles right here.

Visions: Probably the most modern plot factor of this quick is the way it performs with lightsaber colours. When Kara first wields a lightsaber, her connection to the Drive will not be sturdy sufficient to render a particular shade, and her father tells her that lightsabers’ appearances are determined by the character of their wielders. However within the climactic battle, she is ready to come into that energy. The massive plot twist can be made all of the extra dramatic by this explicit lightsaber dynamic.

Does it work? The quick is considerably predictable, however it’s cool — it’s just about a provided that not everyone seems to be who they are saying they’re, and that Kara will stand up and be capable of use a lightsaber. However rattling it if it isn’t thrilling to look at the second her saber’s shade solidifies. It might additionally make you wish to journey to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge to construct a saber of your personal.


t0-b1 looks out at the desert planet in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A cybernetic boy who desires to sooner or later turn out to be a heroic Jedi discovers a secret about his creator’s previous that threatens their once-peaceful existence.

Stars: This quick takes place on a distant desert world, the place a scientist and the robotic boy he created work to revive life to the planet. T0-B1, the little robotic hero, seems to be to the celebrities, stuffed with desires of changing into a Jedi and saving the galaxy. Does he get to fly off on the finish and obtain them? That’s a spoiler. However apart from that, there’s a fast pan to house as somebody exterior the planet seems to be on.

Wars: T0-B1 is aware of little or no concerning the galaxy past his little planet, and the scientist who created him refuses to inform him extra. However when he does be taught concerning the universe past his house, he discovers a conflict that has compelled Jedi into hiding, although the small print are fairly scarce. There’s a last combat, one which looks like a mirrored image of a bigger conflict happening.

Visions: The animation in T0-B1 is delicate, impressed by Astro Boy and the work of Osamu Tezuka, akin to a kids’s present with curved edges and spherical shapes. It’s good to see one thing from a robotic’s perspective, contemplating how stuffed with robots the Star Wars world is.

Does it work? Simply because the quick visually resembles kids’s books doesn’t imply the story is trivial; it’s really bittersweet, as T0-B1 resolves to comply with his creator’s objectives, and finds a brand new strategy to be a Jedi by rehabilitating planets. It’s kinda like Pinocchio, however as an alternative of desirous to be an actual boy, T0-B1 desires to be a Jedi.

“The Elder”

a padwan wields a lightsaber against a mysterious and powerful adversary in star wars; Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A pacifist Jedi and his stressed Padawan pursue a darkish presence to a small village on an outer rim planet. The Jedi and the Padawan uncover a terrifying fact and should face down an outdated man who is much extra highly effective than both imagined.

Stars: Our two heroes fly by way of house at first, on the way in which to a distant planet within the Outer Rim. Arguably essentially the most stars out of all these shorts, since there’s a lot house journey concerned. They even discuss concerning the Jedi’s in depth Outer Rim expertise, which leaves his Padawan each a bit of jealous and a bit of mocking.

Wars: A mysterious disturbance within the drive alerts the Jedi Grasp to a distant planet… however whereas there are particular person battles, there doesn’t appear to be any military-motivated battle. It’s just a few guys entering into some fights.

Visions: “The Elder” is essentially the most simple Star Wars wanting all these Star Wars shorts, with interactions straight out of the acquainted playbook. Even the archetypes are acquainted: a extra reserved and peaceable Grasp meting out smart adages, juxtaposed with an eager-to-see-action Padawan. The good factor are the quick sabres wielded by the villain, which aren’t often seen within the movie sequence.

Does it work? The familiarity doesn’t make it much less pleasant, nevertheless it does imply it goes just about precisely the place you assume it’ll go. (The ultimate showdown is fairly epic, although.)

“Lop & Ochō”

ocho and lop driving in a car in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A strong patriarch clashes along with his eldest daughter about confronting the encroaching Empire. The little adopted sister who’s caught within the center should select sides.

Stars: Many of the motion takes place on one planet, which is barely extra city than the earlier “simply going down on one planet” shorts. Nonetheless, the entire supply of battle comes from the truth that this explicit planet has been sluggish to industrialize — the chief of the ruling clan desires to withstand the Empire’s affect, whereas his oldest daughter believes that the one means her planet stands an opportunity is that if her household allies with the Empire.

Wars: The Empire is invading, slowly however certainly. The household on the heart is pulled aside by their conflicting views on how one can strategy the Empire’s rising affect.

Visions: The character designs — particularly Lop, a bunny-like alien — are significantly memorable on this one. Ochō dramatically cuts off her hair and smears her blood over her eyelids as eyeshadow, which is a cool character second. The way in which the lightsaber is included is sudden and much exterior regular Star Wars canon. Additionally, it’s simply usually partaking to see the explanations why a small planet would possibly wish to facet with the Empire.

Does it work? This quick broke my coronary heart, greater than the whole Star Wars saga put collectively. (Besides possibly for Rogue One.) It’s virtually like an inverse of the core Star Wars story: as an alternative of a father lastly turning towards the Gentle Facet and reaching to take his son’s hand in his dying moments, it’s a couple of household torn aside by the Empire and a daughter turning away from her household to hitch the Darkish Facet.


a jedi and a princess sit together in Star Wars: Visions

Picture: Lucasfilm

A Jedi returns to his outdated forbidden love to assist defend her kingdom from a Sith-like Shogun. Suffering from haunting visions, the Jedi learns his future may not be what he thought it was.

Stars: That is yet one more quick that might simply happen in some historic Earthbound land. Much more than the others, it leans into the feudal Japan inspiration, because the vacationers wander by way of the countryside earlier than making their strategy to a extra populated village.

Wars: Previous to the beginning, a king was murdered by his secret Sith sister. No particular conflict is talked about, nevertheless it’s implied {that a} related overarching conflict that has been talked about in quite a lot of the opposite shorts is happening. That Empire gonna Empire!

Visions: Loads of these shorts draw from feudal Japan, however the description for this one does particularly evaluate the Sith to a shogun. Due to that, the structure and design of the setting is dynamic, particularly in distinction to the science fiction parts of Star Wars.

Does it work? I do want there was a extra clear love story right here, just like the little blurb guarantees, besides, “Akakiri” weaves an evocative story about destiny and the way the bonds between individuals lead them down sudden paths.

All 9 episodes of Star Wars: Visions can be found on Disney Plus.

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Star Wars: Visions on Disney Plus

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All 9 episodes of Lucasfilm’s first anime sequence is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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